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what is Hakisi?

To me, Hakisi means reflection. It is our inner most self brought to light in order to be shared with the world. The products and services offered here have been personally made by me with the aim of uplifting, empowering and celebrating women through all walks of life.

The Designer Behind hakisi

I am a curious creature who loves to explore how things work and in that process, I returned full circle to my first love which was anything to do with art and design. I found that in this space I can be anything I want to be (an architect, an interior designer, an explorer, a motivator or a decent human being). It all begins with a little bit of imagination and a whole lot of courage.
A hopeless romantic who spends way too much time on Wattpad and Viki. and yes, Buffy the vampire slayer is still cool!

a Dreamer, maker, designer, mother, wife & human.

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She Is Confident.
She Is Ambitious.
She Is A Dreamer.
For She Is You.

First things first, Please stop letting poor & cheap design hold you back— let’s grow your business by creating branding that attracts customers who feel truly connected to your brand.

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